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September 15th, 6pm 9th St. Plaza

This will probably be one of our last Marshall Hall of Fame show this year unless they extend it. Be sure to show up early as the last show was standing room only.

A big thank you goes out to Chuck Jones for all of his work and effort in helping us get a much needed trailer. No more packing all of our gear into cars! With Chucks help we just purchased a 17 foot tandem axle heavy duty Pace American trailer! Thanks again Chuck, let us know when you get back from Atlanta and the steaks and beer are on us!!

We are still looking for a drum tech./equipment manager. If your interested give us a shout.

On another note, if you are interested in booking Stagefright for this fall and winters holiday season contact us ASAP. The dates are filling up incredibly fast and we will soon be unable to make any more commitments.

We finally finished the Bio page, check it out if you have some time to kill and the show link is filling up so keep an eye on that as well.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our web page, without you guys we wouldn't be having all this fun!